Three Easy Steps to Liking Yourself

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Everyone on this planet has something you can CHOOSE to like about them.  Yep. Every. Single. Person.  Hitler, horrible criminals and the like.

When I am with people, friends, family or someone new I’ve started focusing on something I like about them. 

I work on pushing away the natural instinct to make judgment.  If a negative thought enters, I push it away and replace it with something I genuinely like about them.

It could be something simple like their laugh.  It could be their shoes or teeth…I looove white teeth.  It could be their commitment to the gym, or what a great mom they are.

Something interesting happens when I do this.  I feel “happy” feelings.

Sometimes or maybe all the time, I do this selfishly.  I do this because I know my opinion about others, is really my opinion about myself. 

I know life is easier when I like myself.

I know I am happier when I like myself.  

I know I am more likeable to others when I like myself.

Want to like yourself?  Here are three easy ways you can start today.

1. Become the watcher of your thoughts.  Step outside of yourself and watch your thoughts from a distance.  Be non-judgmental and neutral as you observe them.  Even if they are thoughts you don’t want to see.  Gently remind yourself that you are separate from your thoughts.  Just because they are yours does NOT mean they are you.  

  • Throughout your day direct your thoughts to things you like about yourself.  If you don’t have a chest full of positive thoughts at the moment, pick one you BELIEVE and reuse it over and over.  Think it all day long.  When you catch yourself saying negative things, replace it with your positive thought.  It just takes one thought to begin this process. If you really can’t think of anything you like about yourself, ask a friend or a family member what they like about you and borrow it until you can find your own.

  • CHOOSE to see your goodness.  Mental note when you do things you like.  (Feed the dog, take your kids to school, go grocery shopping for your family, etc.). Now write them down.  Look at your list at the end of the day.  Woah, you are amazing!

Consistent new practices are the way to get to where you want to be.

All my best,


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