Thoughts That Create Your Suffering

You are suffering.

You feel sad.

You feel angry.

Disappointed in yourself.

Your life isn’t what you want it to be. 

Your own thoughts are making you feel this way.  

You are the one on control of this. 

What is ONE thought making you feel negative emotions?

Pick just ONE for now. 

What is a thought that keeps replaying itself over and over again in your mind?

Take some time, find it, notice it, observe it. 

Write it down.

Clear the other mind chatter and really focus on this one thought causing you pain.

Once you discover your negative thought, it is important to just pay attention to it.  Do not skip this step. 

Observe it without judgement, without trying to solve it,  and without being mad at yourself for thinking it.  Just acknowledge it and understand it exists.

You can now begin to look for a replacement thought that would cause you  to feel positive feelings.

Same situation, same you, different thoughts. 


Your repeating thought:  I am overweight and feel out of control with my eating.

How does this repeating thought make you feel:  Disgust, out of control.

YOU as the solution:

What are some new possible thoughts you could replace your old negative thought with?  Don’t over think it, just begin to brainstorm some possibilities. 

Write them down.

It can be helpful if your new thought is believable and resonates with you.

Replacement thought examples to try…

I have a body that allows me to… (take care of my kids, be a good wife, go to the gym, go to church, work to earn money.)

Or my body can change and I am taking the steps to do so.  I am working on being in charge of how I choose to eat. 

Pick one new thought that feels right.  When you tell yourself this new thought, does it create a positive or more neutral feeling inside of you?

If not, continue to explore thoughts you can believe and evoke a more positive feeling inside of you. 

Once you find a positive thought that feels helpful, write it down and start using it!  Replace the old negative thought about your problem with your new and improved thought. 

Think this new thought over and over again.  Refuse to entertain the old negative thought.  

As you replace your negative thought notice the feeling the new positive thought creates.

Feels much better doesn’t it?

You can repeat this over and over, with any thought. 

Now you hold the power to create your own feelings about your life.

All my best, 


Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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