The Secret to Feeling Good Enough

As human beings we want to feel good.

We want to feel happy.

We want to feel accepted.

We want to belong.

We want to feel liked and loved.

We ALL want to feel good enough.

But most of us feel like we don’t measure up.

We feel like everyone has it together a little or a lot more than we do.

We let our inner bully beat us up when we DO or SAY things that don’t seem good enough.

How do we become enough?


By doing absolutely NOTHING.

Because you already ARE.

You are enough because you are here.

Because you choose to come to this earth and get a body.

Being enough is a gift.

A gift you were given without strings attached.

Nothing you do can change this.

Act bad, act good.  It won’t change. You are still enough.

You are enough.

You have and ALWAYS will be enough.

It’s just who you are. And yes I am talking to YOU and ME, and your neighbor who’s dog poops on your lawn.


Now that you know this, start acting like it.

All of my best,


Photo Credit: Anna Sullivan, Unsplash

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