Learn to Eavesdrop, Change Your Life

Have you ever thought about your thoughts?

Stop right now and listen to what your thoughts are.

Step outside of yourself and eavesdrop on what your brain is thinking

Listen intently, like you would if you heard you name in a group of ladies talking.

What is the chatter?

Is it positive?

Is it kind?

Does it sound like a bully is speaking?

Do your  thoughts serve you?

Are they helping you create the life you want?

Observe them.

Be curious about them.

Are you choosing them?

Are your thoughts and self-talk on autopilot?

Separate yourself from your thoughts.

You are NOT your thoughts. 

You are separate from them.

This is the first step in thinking on purpose.

The first step in creating the life that you want.

So many of us are on autopilot.

We talk to ourselves in negative ways.

We don’t even realize we are doing.

This is how you teach yourself to think on purpose.

Take today to eavesdrop on yourself and see what you find. 

You can’t change your life without first knowing what you want to change.

Happy eavesdropping.

All my best,


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