How to appreciate the moment of NOW… What will you see on purpose today?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

I dropped my two little girls off at school yesterday and started driving to the gym.  

As I drove I realized  I didn’t really remember dropping them off.

I was on autopilot . . .

I dropped my two little girls off at school yesterday and started driving to the gym.  

As I drove I realized  I didn’t really remember dropping them off.

I was on autopilot.

I was distracted.

I was thinking about what I needed to get done for the day. 

They were talking, but I wasn’t really listening.

My chest felt tight.

My body felt tense.

I was high strung and frustrated as they got ready that morning. 

I was multi-tasking.    

Changing laundry, loading dishes, cooking eggs, reminding them a million times to pick up their pajamas.

Now I didn’t even remember dropping them off.

I only get to be with them for such a short time and I was wasting it.  Blah.

The next day I decided to focus living in the present moment.  

What is the present moment?  

Breathe in, now notice that moment right before you exhale.  That is the present moment, that middle space sandwiched between your inhale and  exhale of breath.  Boom.  There it is. 

Why is the present moment important?

The present is all we have, it is the only thing that exists.  If you are thinking about the past or the future you are unable to live in the present. You are distracted.  Being distracted prevents you from enjoying and internalizing the present moment.  

The present moment is a safe place. There is no worry or fear in the now.  Fear and worry exist when we live from a place of replaying the past or fretting about the unknown future.    

Living in the present makes you feel better.  It lifts your mood and puts you in a space of gratitude.  

Today, I took my little girls to school and practiced living in the present moment. 

I focused on them.

We played the animal game. 

I put my rear view mirror down so I could see Gwen in the back seat.  She  turned six a few days ago.

I noticed how dramatic and funny her body language is, how she exaggerates her mouth when she talks and has a slight lisp.

She is child-like and innocent.  

I noticed her deep set blue eyes and how her skin retains her tan even after summer is gone.

She talked me into letting her wear her hair down (a rare treat at our house) and it made her look older than usual. 

I watched Livvy in the front seat, who is almost nine.

I noticed how pretty her profile is.

Her features are soft and her skin complexion glows.

I noticed her big teeth coming in, they looked extra large next to her remaining baby teeth, haha. 

I noticed how long and beautiful her fingers are.  I love that she loves to wear rings like her momma. 

As Liv got out of the car, I told her it was an honor to be her mom.  What?! That sounded cheesy and old-lady-like, but I said it and I meant it.  

After I dropped the girls off, I smiled.  My heart felt full and warm.  I felt like a good mom.  I was thankful for my kids and felt the blessing they are. 

I felt feelings I haven’t felt in the mornings for a long time. Too long.  

I felt empowered having the knowledge to make these feelings happen anytime I want to. 

These positive emotions are available to you too at anytime.  It just takes knowledge and a little effort.  

How to see on purpose today…

Focus on the present moment. Be mindful of what is around you.  This means to observe what is in your now.  Think about what you want to enjoy, then focus on it.  Observe what is appealing and beautiful to you.  Today it was my girls.  For you, it may be your surroundings.  What do you love about your surroundings?  The beautiful mountains and leaves you see as you drive?  Or maybe it is the yummy food are eating for lunch.  Taste the texture, the way things smell.  Maybe  you want to enjoy the company around you.  Look in their eyes, think about the things you love about them, notice the details.  Focus on what they are saying.  Just listen without being anxious to say something.  This is tedious and just like meditation (which is mega hard for me, like I can barely do a couple minutes) but it will bring your thoughts and sensations to awareness.  And one of the most important steps to change is awareness.  Don’t let your mind wander to the past or what you need to do in the future.  When you do get distracted lovingly, without judgement bring yourself back to present awareness.  When I say lovingly I mean don’t beat yourself up as you realize you are distracted with other thoughts. Just acknowledge and get back to the present. 

These suggestions take practice, but knowing there is a reward makes it fun or at the very least interesting. 

When you see on purpose you create emotions on purpose, giving you a life on purpose.

All my best, 


Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

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