Are You Trying to Hate Yourself Skinny?

You want to lose weight.

You are mad you let yourself get this way.

You’re embarrassed.

You’re tired of thinking about food all of the time.

You say MEAN things to yourself.

You speak to yourself in a way you would never speak to someone you love.

Your inner bully is strong.

You convince yourself you aren’t enough.

Your thoughts tell you if you wouldn’t have gotten fat in the first place you wouldn’t feel bad about yourself.

Your inner bully tells you don’t belong or fit in with the other moms.

The more you try not to think about food, the more you think about food.

Sometimes you in bed at night you can’t stop thinking about food.

You prefer to overeat alone.

You eat so you don’t have to feel what you don’t want to feel.

Hate, frustration, sadness, repeat.

The harder you try to lose weight, the harder it is to lose.

The more you try to focus on weight loss, the more you want to eat.

The weight isn’t coming off.

You have tried EVERYTHING.

WHY does nothing work for you?

I’ll tell you why.

Because you can’t HATE yourself skinny.

Using the self-loathing tactic is relying on willpower.

Sooner or later you lose.

You get tired of fighting.

White knuckling it through, hoping one day it will get easier.

But it doesn’t.

What you resist persists.  

The most sustainable way to lose weight, is to first change your thoughts.

Use an approach that comes from love, giving yourself grace, and accepting your body just as it is today.  Treating yourself like you would treat your daughter, your best friend.

Implementing this takes practice and a skill set.

It is intentional and deliberate.

How do you do it?

By doing it.

One step, one thought at a time.

Gently correcting and getting back on track when needed.

Refusing to allow the inner bully to comment.

I like to say, “oh hellll no” heavy on the “E” when a thought that doesn’t belong tries to weasel it’s way in. Zero tolerance policy.

Not a quick fix.

Not without work.

Not without mistakes.

But worth it.

All my best,


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