5 Questions to Know if you are doing PASSIVE Action or MASSIVE Action

I am really good at PASSIVE ACTION.

I love to consume information.

I read, study, and listen to podcasts everyday.

I thought educating myself would get me the results I desired.  While learning information has its place, it is not taking ACTION, and will not produce results.

For example. 

I have spent a lot of hours and time understanding weight loss.

I KNOW how to lose weight.  (And tell other people how to lose weight.)

I KNOW what to eat.

I can even KNOW the exercises to do, what heart rate zone to be in, and progressive overload.

Buuut this knowledge won’t get me far. 

Knowledge without APPLICATION is stagnant.

Brooke Castillo taught me that PASSIVE action isn’t enough to get RESULTS.

Bummer.  Passive action is easier than massive action.  Passive action is comfortable and safe.  You can’t fail at passive action and I personally quite enjoy it.

If you want to reach your goals MASSIVE action is the only way.  

How do you know if you are taking MASSIVE ACTION? 

5 questions to ask yourself…

Are you CONSUMING (passive action) or are you CREATING (massive action)?Are you getting the results you desire?Are you nervous and excited trying things you have never tried before? Are you in a space that is out of your usual comfort zone?Have you failed more than once in your endeavor?

Failure is a signal we need to change something in our approach and try again.  That is all.


This one clicked for me.  When you fail it just means you need to try a different approach.  That is all.  No DRAMA needed .

Your  brain will want to make up stories about your failure.  Don’t let it. It will try, I promise, but don’t allow it.  When negative self-talk manifests stop it in its tracks, don’t entertain it.

My coach who runs a multi-million dollar business, when asked how she became so successful, told us her success was literally built failure upon failure.

That is EXCELLENT news to the rest of us!

Now we know what we have to do to get the results we desire.  Let’s quit hiding behind passive action, plan on failing and get to work.

All my best, 


Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash

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