3o blog posts in 3o days

30 blog posts in 30 days: To target audience. Influencers that have it all and are miserable. Anxiety behind the smile. High functioning anxiety. High achieving anxiety.

Blog #1

When you have it all and are miserable.

Unhappy and you can’t find the reason.

You have the career, the looks, the clothes, the handbags, the husband, the kids, the car, the hair, the vacations, the money, you have it all and you feel terrible.

Complaining isn’t an option when it all looks so good from the outside.

So you suffer alone and in silence.

Your body feels heavy and constant anxiety has become a part of your every waking hour.

Anxiety has even woken you up in the middle of the night. So intense, at times, crippling and debilitating.

You have shame, wishing you were different than you are.

You beat yourself up with hurtful words.

Wishing you were someone else.

You wonder why others seem to have it together, are doing it right and are living the happy life you should be living.

Hopeless. You have everything. Now what?

I have the secret that has help hundreds and hundreds of women.

Your perspective. Change it.

Your beliefs. Choose them.

Thoughts your brain offers. Rewire them.

Sounds simple. But not easy.

Changing the way your brain thinks takes time, intentionality and discomfort.

Seeing your own “blinds spots” is impossible to do yourself.

I am trained to see what is making you miserable and have teach you the skills, tools, and strategies to change it.

Click on the link to schedule a free session with me.

You will leave with actionable items to get you started.

We will determine if we are a good fit to work more together in the future.

Spots are limited.

Click here now.

You have nothing to lose but your anxiety.

Blog #2

Nothing is good or bad…

Did you know any problem you are experiencing is neutral?

Yep. It’s true. Neutral.

Meaning not good or bad.

Not positive or negative.

What you think about your problem is what makes it positive or negative.

Not the problem itself.

For example:

Your friends went to dinner without inviting you. Then posted pictures on Instagram and you saw them.

Your brain goes to work on this information.

You may think some of the following…

That was rude of them.

How inconsiderate!

I have terrible friends.

I knew they didn’t like me.

No one likes me.

I have noticed so-and-so hasn’t been friendly to me lately.

It’s me.

I am not fun. I am boring.

I don’t have enough money.

I am not good enough.

It’s my weight, they think I shouldn’t be eating out.

It’s my kids, no one can stand my kids.

I haven’t been friendly enough, maybe they think I don’t want to go out with them.

And the stories you attach to the pictures you saw go on and on.

Your fri3nds not inviting you to dinner is neutral.

Another person may feel relieved in the same situation.

They may think…

Looks like they had a great time.

I love that restaurant, I hope they did too.

I have such fun friends.

My friends know how busy I have been. How considerate they didn’t add another social outing onto my plate.

It boils down to perspective.

It boils down to the lens you are seeing through.

How do you want to look at situations in your life?

Blog #3

How we choose to think about our lives.

Our thoughts always produce our feelings.

When we feel an emotion, we can always trace it back to a thought.

Sometimes it’s thoughts we weren’t even aware we were thinking.

Are our thoughts us feel the emotions we want to feel?

If they are not, we have the power to change it by choosing to think on purpose.

Many of us believe we are a victim of our own brain.

We believe some of the thoughts our brains seem to automatically offer us as truth.

I am not good enough.

I am just this way.

I can’t help it.

I don’t know how to change.

Taking the time to learn how to manage our minds can change everything for us.

Learning to questions our thoughts can make us feel better.

Learning mind management tools can get us to where we want to go.

Uncovering the relationship with have with ourselves can teach what to work on.

Blog #4

Is it true or is it drama?

Facts are always neutral.

Facts can be proven.

Facts are boring.

Facts have no emotion.

Fact examples: You are a women.

You have 3 kids.

You have blue eyes.

You produce 100k in your busin3es.

You weight 130 pounds

You are 5’5’

Facts are not a problem.

Examples of Drama:

My husband makes me mad.

My friends are inconsiderate.

I weigh too much.

I am anxious all the time.

I have too much on my plate.

I am doing it all wrong.

I am barely surviving.

My kids don’t listen.

I don’t make enough money.

The pressure is too much.

Drama comes from our thoughts.

Drama makes you feel terrible.

Facts are usually things we don’t immediate control to change.

The mind drama y9ou attach to the facts is what makes it a problem.

Blog #5

3 simple questions to ask to get control of your brain…

State your problem.

Is it fact?

Is it true?

Can you prove it?

If the answer is no to any of these, the we know our thought is the actual problem.

And the thought is something we need to look at if we want to feel better.

The first step is bringing our thoughts to our awareness.

This can be done by writing what is in our head on paper.

This can also be done by practicing watching our thoughts. Stepping back a watching the words and sentences go by in our head.

Another helpful way is to ask ourselves “What is making me feel terrible?” Then answer the question.

Blog #5

How to get relief from being anxious.

There is relief in studying ourselves.

There is relief in learning to “think” about our thinking.

Observe our own thoughts.

How do we do this?

Grab a piece of paper and pen. Do it, do it now. Knowledge of these tools is nice, but applying these tools will give you the desired results you are looking for (this took me years of spending money, studying, and education to figure out. I’ll save you the time. You’re welcome.

Separate yourself from your thoughts. Think of yourself as someone who is watching their thoughts, mere words and sentences in your mind. Once you can see what your thoughts are, write them down on a piece of paper. Now look at them. Do not skip this step. What are they? Are you surprised? Don’t be annoyed or mad at yourself for the results you observed, simply be curious of them.

How to be curious about our thoughts.

Ask questions.

Interesting, I wonder why I am thinking this?

Answer the question.

Fascinating, is this thought serving me? Why or why not?

Hmmm, what are my reasons for believing this thought? Do I like my reasons?

Answer the question.

Look at our thoughts and our answers with peace.

It won’t serve us to be negative about the negative.

Blog #6

Thoughts are BS.

They are all opinions.

They are delusional.

They are fabricated.

Knowing this truth can change so much for us.

If it’s all made up, it will serve us better to believe the opinions that serve us the best.

Write down some of the thought you have about you, your life, and others.

Look at the opinions on your paper.

What is on your paper tells us so much about our lives.

now Be proud of yourself.

You are ahead of the world.

You are on your way to feeling better.

Authentic happiness is around the corner.

Without changing anything externally, becoming conscious our thoughts can change everting.

Our thoughts are always optional.

Refuse to give this power away.

Our thoughts in ANY situation are the only problem.

We can always change your thoughts.

When we change our thoughts, we change the way we feel, and when we feel better, we act better.

The power is ALL ours my friend.

Blog #7

I dropped my two little girls off at school yesterday and started driving to the gym.

As I drove I realized I didn’t really remember dropping them off.

I was on autopilot.

I was distracted.

I was thinking about what I needed to get done for the day.

They were talking, but I wasn’t really listening.

My chest felt tight.

My body felt tense.

I was high strung and frustrated as they got ready that morning.

I was multi-tasking.

Changing laundry, loading dishes, cooking eggs, reminding them a million times to pick up their pajamas.

Now I didn’t even remember dropping them off.

I only get to be with them for such a short time and I was wasting it. Blah.

The next day I decided to focus living in the present moment.

What is the present moment?

Breathe in, now notice that moment right before you exhale. That is the present moment, that middle space sandwiched between your inhale and exhale of breath. Boom. There it is.

Why is the present moment important?

The present is all we have, it is the only thing that exists. If you are thinking about the past or the future you are unable to live in the present. You are distracted. Being distracted prevents you from enjoying and internalizing the present moment.

The present moment is a safe place. There is no worry or fear in the now. Fear and worry exist when we live from a place of replaying the past or fretting about the unknown future.

Living in the present makes you feel better. It lifts your mood and puts you in a space of gratitude.

Today, I took my little girls to school and practiced living in the present moment.

I focused on them.

We played the animal game.

I put my rear-view mirror down so I could see Gwen in the back seat. She turned six a few days ago.

I noticed how dramatic and funny her body language is, how she exaggerates her mouth when she talks and has a slight lisp.

She is child-like and innocent.

I noticed her deep-set blue eyes and how her skin retains her tan even after summer is gone.

She talked me into letting her wear her hair down (a rare treat at our house) and it made her look older than usual.

I watched Livvy in the front seat, who is almost nine.

I noticed how pretty her profile is.

Her features are soft and her complexion glows.

I noticed her big teeth coming in, they looked extra-large next to her remaining baby teeth.

I noticed how long and beautiful her fingers are. I love that she loves to wear rings like her me.

As Liv got out of the car, I told her it was an honor to be her mom. It sounded cheesy and old-lady-like, but I said it and I meant it.

After I dropped the girls off, I smiled. My heart felt full and warm. I felt like a good mom. I was thankful for my kids and felt the blessing they are.

I felt feelings I haven’t felt in the mornings for a long time. Too long.

I felt empowered having the knowledge to make these feelings happen anytime I want to.

These positive emotions are available anytime to you too. It just takes knowledge and a little effort.

What is your present today?

Blog #8

We suffer.

We feel sad.

We feel angry.

Disappointed in ourselves.

Our life isn’t what you want it to be.

Our own thoughts are making us feel this way.

We are the one on control of this.

What is making us feel terrible.

The answer is out thoughts.

We can pick on thought that we think is making us feel terrible.

What is a thought that keeps replaying itself over and over again in our mind?

Is it we aren’t enough?

We are tired of suffering?

We feel alone?

We can’t take the pressure anymore?

We don’t have true friends?

Take some time, find it, notice it, observe it.

Write it down.

Clear the other mind chatter and really focus on this one thought causing us pain.

Once we discover the thought, it is important to just pay attention to it.

Observe it without judgement, without trying to solve it, and without being mad at yourself for thinking it. Just acknowledge it and understand it exists.

Once we know one of the thought making us feel terrible, we can start to brainstorm some thought we believe right now, that could make us feel al little better.

A thought that is true to us that is a little more positive than the thought we have been using.


Your repeating thought: I am barely holding on inside.

How does this repeating thought make you feel: sad, out of control, lonely?

What are some new possible thoughts you could replace your old negative thought with?

Don’t over think it, just begin to brainstorm some possibilities.

It can be helpful if your new thought is believable and resonates with you.

Replacement thought examples to try…

I am working on feeling better every day. I am becoming the person that feels less anxious.

I can change and am working on doing so.

I am working on being in charge of how I choose to think.

Pick one new thought that feels a little better.

Now start practicing this new thought over and over and over and over again.

It will feel forging an uncomfortable at first, keep going!

Refuse to entertain the old negative thought.

Now you hold the power to create your own feelings about your life.

Blog #9

As human beings we want to feel good.

We want to feel happy.

We want to feel accepted.

We want to belong.

We want to feel liked and loved.

We ALL want to feel good enough.

But most of us feel like we don’t measure up.

We feel like everyone has it together more than we do.

We let our inner bully beat us up when we do or say things that don’t seem good enough.

How do we become enough?

By doing absolutely NOTHING.

Because we already are good enough

All of us. And there is nothing we can do about it.

We are enough because we are here.

Being enough is a gift.

A gift we were given without strings attached.

Nothing we can do can change this.

Act bad, act good. It won’t change

Be anxious, be confident, it do3esn’t matter.

You are enough.

We have always been enough.

We can never catch what already is.

It’s just who you are.

There is nothing we can do about. It.

Blog #10:

We want to feel good enough.

We want to feel love.

We are suffering alone.

We are embarrassed.

We feel shame.

WE wish we were different than we are.

We are tired of overthinking all of the time.

We are exhausted.

We say MEAN things to ourselves.

We speak to ourselves in a way we would never speak to someone we love.

Our inner bully is strong.

We convince ourselves we aren’t enough.

Our inner bully tells us we don’t belong or fit in.

\Sometimes we lay in bed at night and can’t shut our minds off. Replaying everything we didn’t get down. Rehers8ing what we said. What people must think.

Hate, frustration, sadness, repeat.

Using the self-loathing tactic is keeping you stuck.

Blog #11

Complainer or problem solver?

We all have things come up in our lives that feel hard.




When you encounter these kinds of situations, what do you think?

What do you say?

How do you behave?

In every circumstance we encounter in our lives we have the conscious choice to either be a problem solver or a complainer?

Which one are you choosing to be?

Why are you choosing it?

Does it feel easier to complain to yo9ur husband?

Does it serve you to overthink it again and again and again?

Is it helpful to spend brain energy on it?

What if next time you chose to handle things in way that serves you the most?

What if you took a moment to step outside of your situation and consciously choose the lens you wanted to see the problem through?

What if you managed you brain and didn’t let it think thoughts that didn’t serve you?

What if you took all the power back and started living your life the way you want to choose to live it?


Clients tell me they just want to be happy.

I tell them no we don’t.

Do we want to be happy when someone we love dies?

Do we really want to be happy when our kids are feeling pain or sadness?

Do we want to be happy when we don’t get the dream job?

What we are really saying is we want help managing how we feel.

We want tools that can help us navigate when have emotions and feelings that feel terrible.

We want help learning to be in discomfort and still continue you feel joy and peace in our lives.

We are humans having a human experience and sometimes it helps to have someone who I trained to help us navigate our journey in the best way possible.

Helping us evolve to the next best version of ourselves.

Blog #13

So many of us are in a hurry to feel better.

We want the magic pill.

The magic weigh loss pill.

The magic happy pill.

The magic anxiety pill.

But the truth is, you are supposed to feel all the emotions in this life.

And the best way to feeling better is by feeling the emotions you don’t want to feel through.

Let the feelings you want to avoid come in when they come up.

Lean into them.

When anxiety comes knocking, don’t ignore it, let it in, lean into to. Welcome it.

We will start to feel better when we start allowing all the feelings we have been avoiding and resisting.

We will feel better after we make friends with our anxiety.

Accepting anxiety, allowing and welcoming anxiety is when we get the control over it we have been so desperately looking for.

Blog #13

I use to wish I was someone else.

I was exactly sure who it was, but I was spending a lot of time and brain energy chasing this person.

This person was….


More confident.

More likable.

Lower body fat.

More talented kids.




Better with time.

More organized.

Didn’t care what others thought of them.


More thoughtful.

Got more done in day.

Served more.

I was exhausting chasing this person.

One day I decided to quit chasing this elusive person and started learning and apply tools and concepts that made it so I didn’t need to become this person anymore.

And ironically I started to think and become all these things I wanted to be so desperately so I could be happy.

Now I think I am a lot of those things.

Now I feel a lot better.

I teach high achieving women to do the same things.

Click the link and sign up for my free mini session.

You won’t regret it.

What are spending your time and brain energy thinking about yourself?

Blog #14

She is so much better at her time than me.

She is so effortless in front of people.

She is much more likable than I am.

She is just better at this than me.

These are all comparison thoughts I hear from clients.

While these thoughts are human, they are not helpful.

They keep you from going where you want to go.

They are blocks in your road to true and lasting happiness.

To feel better, stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop living scarcity.

We can all win.

We can all find happiness that is perfect for us.

Blog #15

Reality are things we do not have control over.

Reality is what we cannot change.

Reality is, what is.

Reality is circumstance.

Reality is facts. Facts can be proven.

Reality does not have emotions.

Reality is neutral.

Our reality is shaped by what we think about our reality.

When we fight, argue, avoid, or resist reality we lose 100% of the time.

we don’t have to like reality, but to feel better we do have to accept it.

What do we make our reality mean?

What thoughts are we attaching to our reality?

What stories have we made up around our reality?

Blog #16

If you want to take your power back you have to accept reality, you have to quit resisting against what IS.

What we resist, will persist.

Resisting the facts is like fighting gravity. You can loath gravity, you can yell and scream and kick about how much you hate it. You can fight it, you can try to trick it. But you will lose. You will lose 100% of the time. The same concepts apply when you don’t accept your past, you lose 100% of the time.

When you accept your circumstances, things you cannot change, you begin to take control of your life. You quit feeling the draining effects of fighting. Fighting zaps your energy and feels conflicting in your body. Like a pit in your stomach or tightening in your chest.

Accepting what IS, does NOT mean you have to like it, agree with it or condone it. It only means you quit fighting a losing battle. Acceptance is one of the most IMPORTANT steps you can do to regain control over yourself and your life.

Accepting what IS, begins the road to permanent change. Permanent change must come from peace and love, not anxiety, frustration, shame or hate. Lasting change can only occur when you stop fighting and resisting.

What do you make your reality mean? What stories do you attach to your circumstances? What emotions do you link to the facts?


When you don’t like yourself.

Our relationship with ourselves is based on the thoughts we have about ourselves.

When we don’t like ourselves, it is because we have negative thoughts about ourselves.

Some of these thoughts may be sneaky thoughts that you don’t even realize are affecting your relationship with yourself.

For example:

I have never been good making people like me.

I just don’t know what to say in social gatherings.

I have always been anxious.

I have to fake my way through life.

I can’t handle this kind of pressure.

How does she seem to have it figured out better than me?

How does she seem to have so much time?

If we want to feel better about ourselves we start by committing to thinking better thoughts about ourselves.

You can start by brainstorming some thoughts that are a little bit more positive than the ones you are currently thinking.

Make the new thoughts something you already believe.

I am working on learning to handle this kind of pressure.

I believe it is possible I can find happiness without faking it all the time.

There are some people that don’t feel anxious all of the time.

Starting here will open your brain up to the idea that things can possibly change for you.

If you would like to take this to a deeper level, click here and sign up for my free mini session.

In this session I will open your mind up to see things in ways you never have before.

I will show you that you can change, and it’s not your fault you feel the way you do, it’s the way your human brain is wired.

You can feel better and I will show you how.

Click here to schedule your free 30-minute mini session.

You pick the day and time.

I call you.

You bring the problem.

I help you solve it.

You can ask any questions you have.

We can see if we would be a good fit for future work together.

Nothing to lose, hope to gain.

Blog #18

Feeling anxious feels terrible.

We feel like our chest is tightening in on us.

We can start to sweat.

Our ears feel hot.

Our heart feels like it is going to jump out of our chest.

We are hyper aware of our surroundings.

Time seems to slow down when we are in an intense anxious moment.

Our temples begin to pulse.

And panic can start to set in.

All of these sensations are harmless.

They may not seem harmless, but they are.

When we feel anxious it is a vibration in our body.

The vibration is harmless.

But the vibration feels horrible.

We can learn to manage these vibrations so we can get some relief.

We can learn to trace our feelings we feel back to the thoughts we think.

This is called brain management and it is a simple concept that anyone can learn.

Blog #19

When we believe our thoughts we suffer, when we question our thoughts we feel better. Not change them, just question them. Becoming aware of our thoughts about our life.

Become conscious of our thoughts and our lives.

“loving what is” book by Byron Katie

All stress and suffering come from arguing with what is.

Listen to my mind/thoughts with observation.

Question all of my thoughts.

What holds me back from my heart’s desire? My thoughts and feelings.

See trash. Why do people leave trash on the ground? Why do I leave trash on the ground?

Procrastination is another word for guilt.

Not resisting what is. I wish I hadn’t lost my job. Instead, I lost my job, what can I intelligent move can I do next?

The only way out is to look in yourself. And question it your beliefs.

All suffering begins and ends with you.

Freedom is as simple as not believing your thoughts that don’t serve you.

The 4 questions: A stressful thought: He should put the toilet seat down, I have asked him 20 times.

1. IDENTIFYIGN WHAT IS CAUSIG OUR STRESS. He should put the toilet seat down.

Is it true? Yes or no?

2. Can you absolutely know it’s true?

3. How do you react? What happens when you believe that thought?

What do you feel? What emotion comes up?

Close your eyes and witness the feelings, body sensations, and behaviors that arise when you believe that thought. Notice and report the answers to any of the following:

How did you treat the other person?

• How did you treat yourself?

• Do any obsessions or addictions begin to appear when you believe that thought?

4. What would you be without this thought?

Closing your eyes, return to the situation. Take a moment to reflect, observe, and experience the situation again, this time without the thought. Who or what you would be without the thought? How would you see or feel about the other person? Drop all of your judgments. Notice what is revealed.

Find an opposite: He shouldn’t put the toilet seat down.

I should put the toilet down. I am the one with the problem, not my husband. Contemplate on how the turnaround is true or truer.

To know the cause of your suffering.

Blog #19

Most humans at some point in their life will feel anxious.

A certain amount of anxiety is normal and can be even be helpful.

It can keep us safe and can let us know something is wrong.

However, feeling anxious every day is not helpful.

It is painful..

And we suffer.

We are successful.

We are smart.

We appear to have it all.

Many of us feel embarrassed and shameful about our daily anxiety.

So, we keep it a secret from our fans, friends, family and the world.

We hide it behind a smile.

Suffering in silence.

To find the root cause of our anxiety, these questions can be helpful.

1. What makes us feel anxious.

Example: I don’t know what to say in social situations.

2. Bryon Katie teaches us to ask ourselves if this thought is true? Is it really true?

Just asking these two Questions about our anxiety can change everything for us.

Want to take it deeper?

Click here to sign up for my free 30-minute mini-session.

Blog #20

Unconditional love is when you love yourself even when you do something dumb.

Unconditional love is when we are compassionate with ourselves even when we say something that embarrasses us.

Unconditional love is when we kindly question our thoughts that don’t serve us.

Unconditional love is having our own backs.

Unconditional love for self is taking care of ourselves first so we can give our best care to others.

Unconditional love can be saying “no” so someone even when it is hard or scary.

Unconditional love is working on thinking awesome things about ourselves.

Unconditional love is speaking to ourselves like we would speak to our young daughter.

Unconditional love can take practice.

Unconditional love sometimes needs to be learned.

Want help with unconditional self-love?

Sing up for my free 30-minute mini session.

Blog #21

Here is how to do life right.

We experience real struggles.

We have good moments.

We have bad moments. ⁣

WE experience blessings. ⁣

We feel you don't fit in.

We have arguments.

Our kids fight.

We feel peace.

We feel anxious.

We are sick of it all.

WE have wins.

Our house can't stay clean.

If we can relate to this, then we are doing it right.

Don't believe me or want help managing it all?

Message me to set up a free session via phone to see if we are the right fit to work further together.

Blog #22

How to have feel peace while suffering from anxiety.

Peace is a feeling we feel.

We feel anxious because of the thoughts we entertain.

For example: "My anxiety is ruining my life."

"I can't go/do/have because of my anxiety."

"I can't take this anxiety anymore." How does that feel?


"I have anxiety and that's okay."

"I am learning to live a full life with my anxiety."

"I have anxiety and I can still feel peace." How does that make you feel?

It comes down to our belief system.

It comes down to our thoughts.

What are we entertaining?

Is it serving us?

Is it time to let some thoughts go?

Blog #23

Anxiety is a fact for many of us.

Anxiety can feel terrible.

It can feel unbearable.

Anxiety can feel never-ending.

But it can also mean nothing has gone wrong.

No big deal.


We can handle it with grace and peace and happiness.

If this feels impossible let me prove otherwise in my free session.

**Blog #24

Getting relief from anxiety starts in our minds.

In our minds we have the opportunity to decide how we want to see the world.

How we want to see our lives.

How we choose to see ourselves.

How we choose to see our anxiety.

In our minds is an internal conversation.

Listen to it.

What thoughts are our brain offering us?

Becoming aware of what our brain is offering us is the first step to anxiety relief.

Are our thoughts true?

Which thoughts can we prove to be true?

What are some other thoughts we can come up with that would prove these thoughts wrong?

How can we interrupt our non-serving thoughts and modify them to create an experience that serves us?

Managing our thoughts gives us the control over them.

Managing our thoughts ultimately gives us relief from our anxiety.

Blog #25:

Most of us are busy.

We like it this way.

When we are busy we don’t have time to think or reflect.

We feel anxious and know we must just keep going.

Not time to find the root cause of our anxiety.

For anxiety relief, stop.



Pause to observe all of our thoughts with compassion.

Pause to look our thoughts with unconditional love.

Pause to see at our thoughts with curiosity.

Pause to become aware of our thoughts with unconditional love for self.

Pause to treat ourselves as we would treat our best friend.

Pause in order to feel less anxious.

Blog #26

Most of us don’t see ourselves clearly.

None of us intentionally want to be rude.

Or jealous.

Or complain.

Often we are not even aware we are doing this.

We just act on the ways we are feeling.

When we feel anxious, we act or don’t act in ways that we want to.

Feeling anxious is uncomfortable and we are wired to avoid discomfort.

So, when we feel anxious we do what we can to get rid of it.

We overeat.

We spend hours on social media not getting anything done.

We compare ourselves to others.

We spin out in overthinking.

But what if we took away all the distractions, the buffers, the dopamine hits.

What are we left with?

A feeling.

A feeling of being anxious.

It is a vibration in our body.

It is ultimately harmless.

Blog #27

Scientists estimate we have several thousands of thoughts a day.

Some studies estimate around 70,000.

Some of our thoughts are helpful.

But many of our daily thoughts are repetitive and negative.

Negative thoughts can provoke us to feel anxious.

But we can use our minds to feel better.

We can think thoughts of love and appreciation for others and ourselves.

We can intentionally chose what we will entertain in our head.

Our minds are like a muscle, it needs to be trained, stretched, practiced, and managed.

This is how we create an empowering anxiety reducing relationship between us and our brain.

Blog #27

Anxiety stems from fear of the unknown.

The unknown is uncertain.

The unknown is unstable.

The unknown is reality.

How do we less anxious about knowing there is unknown?

Look for its opposite.

Look for the known.

Look for the stable.

What are we grateful for?

What is good in our lives?


Honor how when we feel anxious.

We reclaim our power when we accept our anxiety.

Make friends with it.

Lean into it.

It’s knocking at your door, let it in.

Welcome it.

Accepting and allowing gives us the power over anxiety.

When we resist our anxiety, it stays longer.

When we avoid our anxiety, it becomes stronger.

Waiting to explode.

It’s like trying to hold a beach ball under water, eventually it will explode out of the water with force.

Carry your anxiety in a purse.

Keep it with you for as long as it needs to stay.

This is what gives you power over it.

Blog #29

Stress can be a trigger to feel anxious.

Identify what is causing us to feel stress.

Our business?

Social media?

Our life?

Our mother-in-law?

Our husband?

If it is our business, become of your thoughts about our business.

Maybe we think it is too much pressure.

Maybe we are tired of being under the microscope.

Maybe we are comparing ourselves to others and their ability to produce content.

Our thoughts about our business is what is making us feel anxious.

Not our business.

Our business is neutral.

It cannot make us feel anything.

It is our thoughts that make us feel.

Learning to choose our thoughts on purpose and intentionally can change everything for us.

Blog #30

Our breathing is on autopilot.

Meaning it’s something we don’t have to think consciously about in order for our bodies to do it.

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