Kristen McClellan M.S.

We to try to feel better by changing everything outside of ourselves.


We are smart, successful and those around tell us how lucky we are. Intellectually we know are lives are amazing, but we don't FEEL like it. 


In fact, we feel terrible. To make matters worse, we can't justify feeling anxious, so instead, we feel embarrassed and ashamed.  We suffer in silence and feel lonely. 


How can we complain when everything looks so good on the outside? 


We buy into the lie that working on things outside of us will bring the PEACE and HAPPINESS we so desperately are trying to find.  


I spent YEARS working on changing things outside of myself. When I had everything AND still felt awful, I went on a mission to find a better way. 


And I found it. 


I discovered a SECRET that no one teaches us growing up. 


I hired a highly-sought-after and very expensive life coach and went to work understanding, learning and applying her brilliant work to get to the ROOT cause of my frustrations.


The things she taught me worked!

 And it can work for you too!

My program uses a three-prong approach.  

  • My masters degree in psychology.

  • Scientific based cognitive behavioral therapy. 

  • My training under the brilliant life coach, Brooke Castillo.

When we work together I shine a light on things you cannot see for yourself.  I expose insight into your brain you can't sort out on your own.  I bring to consciousness what is  keeping you anxious. I get to the root of your problem, making the results last. 

Don't waste anymore time trying to figure this out on your own. 

More confidence, less anxiety. 

You relax, I'll do the heavy lifting. 


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What others are saying about my program...

Working with Kristen gave me a fresh perspective on life.  Kristen is so knowledge, patient and truly gifted at what she does.  She helped me create breakthroughs in my business and life after being stuck for a year.  She helped me work through my FEARS and ANXIETIES that were keeping me from moving forward.  I am so much more calm in my life and business.  I feel like I took the foggy goggles off and can see more clearly.  She is truly gifted and forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.  

Investing in Kristen as a coach was one of the best decisions I could have made.  After our first few sessions she helped me figure out how to get through the CONFIDENCE blocks that I was creating for myself.  She really had me dig deep to figure out how I respond to stress and how to continue working through the STRESS and ANXIETY that a owning a business brings and being productive at the same time.  If you are considering Kristen...make the plunge!  You will be amazed what she can pull out of you!  

I originally signed up for Kristen’s 6 week course for my small home based business, but I can’t believe what skills I learned for my everyday life as well!  I learned many new things to help me expand and improve my business, including finances and helping grow my CONFIDENCE I needed to adjust pricing and add value for my clients! She took me step by step through the “why” I do the things I do and feel the way I feel. I had so many ah-ha moments! We set goals together for my business and I reached those GOALS shortly after my 6 weeks with her was complete.  I couldn’t be HAPPIER with the outcome. If you have been on the fence on hiring a personal coach, take the plunge with Kristen. You have nothing to loose but your bad habits and thought patterns!