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An Expert in social anxiety.  

I help women influencers deal with the pressures of building a career on social media. 

  • You look amazing on the outside, but you feel terrible on the inside. 

  • You have persistent anxiety.

  • You constantly compare yourself. 

  • You live with relentless self- criticism.

  • You are exhausted. 


Having a business that revolves around your own image can be exhausting and take a toll on your mental health. 


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Free 6 week pilot program...

Do you qualify? 

  • Do you suffer from anxiety?

  • Do you want help?

  • Do you consider yourself an influencer building a career online?

  • Are you willing to commit to 1 hour, once a week for 6 weeks?

  • If the answers are yes, fill out the application below. 

  • Deadline is Friday, November 1 at midnight MST. No exception.

You may be a fit for my program if you feel...

Constant anxiety 

harshly judged by yourself and others 

Shame with yourself

Pressure to keep everyone happy

An Internal battle with your high-standard life

and your inner self-doubt . 

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I am not for everyone.

I am direct. 

I am tough.


I reveal things about yourself that are hard to hear. 

I push you harder than you have been pushed before.

I am compassionate.

I am non-judgemental.

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Secrets I teach...

  • Self-confidence

  • Unconditional self-love 

  • Thought management

  • Authenticity 

  • Purpose finding

  • Welcoming anxiety. Really. 

  • Comparison trap