You look amazing on the outside, but feel terrible on the inside. 

Self-confidence can be taught!

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About Me

 Intelligence is great, but emotional intelligence will change everything for you.  

YOu can't keep up with your own high expectations and you are exhausted. 

Attack the actual root cause of not feeling enough. 

Uncover the "why" behind your unhappiness.

Relieve your anxiety. 

Navigate the emotional toll of negativity found online. 

Lasting results from real transformation, not motivation. 

Become your desired future self. 

Reconnect with who you really are. 

Practical skills, that get real results, that last a lifetime. 

It's time to get in touch with the real you.  

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    A little more about me . . .

    A mother to four, a wife to one and an online business woman. 


    • Expert in emotional intelligence

    • Experienced Life Coach 

    • Successful business owner 


    • Master's Degree in Psychology

    • Trained under the most successful Life Coach in the world

    • On going education and trainings to the most up-to-date personal development material in the industry

    Emotional intelligence

    Giving  unconditional  love is the best gift you can give yourself.

    Kristen M Coaching 

    Confidence is a skill that can be taught. 

    Kristen M Coaching 

    When you stop beating yourself up , you are left with all the emotions  causing the self-loathing.

    Kristen M Coaching